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2009 APME Conference

The above photos were taken by Gannam of the AP for APME.

The latest headlines from 2009 Conference blog are below, but check out all the coverage by a fantastic team of student journalist at the Conference blog.

UPDATE 4.71 IS LIVE!Open in a New Window

Atreia is faced by a threat of unimagined proportions. Lord Beritra and his army are forging deeper into the planet’s core  cheap aion kinah, his machine weapons driving terror into the hearts of the population. Can you stop him and restore the fortunes of your people? Then prove it in the latest update 4.71  – … Continue reading UPDATE 4.71 IS LIVE!


E3 ’07: Aion: Tower of Eternity First LookOpen in a New Window

High fantasy has been done over and over again in massively multiplayer online role-playing games, but somehow Aion: Tower of Eternity manages to make its fantasy setting seem fresh and new. That’s partly because this upcoming MMORPG from NCsoft uses the same technology that powers the impressive Far Cry, but it stems more from the … Continue reading E3 ’07: Aion: Tower of Eternity First Look


Shippin’ Out: Sept. 20-26: Halo 3: ODST, AionOpen in a New Window

It’s well into September, and that means big-name games are going to be the norm in the lead-up to the holiday shopping season. Microsoft and Bungie anchor the current week with the release of Halo 3: ODST, the latest Xbox 360-exclusive installment in their acclaimed sci-fi warfare franchise. Prepare to drop… Originally billed as a … Continue reading Shippin’ Out: Sept. 20-26: Halo 3: ODST, Aion


Aion ready for takeoffOpen in a New Window

NCsoft launched its massively multiplayer online role-playing game Aion: Tower of Eternity in Asia last year, and the title paid immediate dividends, leading to consecutive quarterly revenue spikes of 51 percent and 70 percent. The South Korean publisher will soon find out if the game’s appeal spans the world, as today NCsoft announced that Aion … Continue reading Aion ready for takeoff


Aion goes free to play in FebruaryOpen in a New Window

Fantasy online role-playing game Aion will drop paid-for subscriptions and become free to play in Europe from February 2012, publisher NCsoft has announced. The change will roll out across Western Europe, with UK, France, and Germany seeing the new payment model first. In the free-to-play version, Aion will have Free and Veteran account types. Those … Continue reading Aion goes free to play in February


Korean Aion v2.0 patch notes detailedOpen in a New Window

The Aion version 1.9 update is looming ahead but that’s old hat by now for Korean players. Their test servers are currently trying out all the goodies found in Aion 2.0. The Balaur homeland of Balaurea is now open to players with the Elyos taking up Iggnison and Asmodians fortified in Gelkmaros. Naturally occuring windstreams … Continue reading Korean Aion v2.0 patch notes detailed


SWTOR: Bioware clarifies ban policy and stance on credit farmingOpen in a New Window

Recent reports of Bioware banning players for travelling to new areas of the game before reaching the recommended level cap are turning out to be false, according to Bioware’s Stephen Reid. Reid recently clarified the bans on a community thread in the SWTOR forums. Reid explains that the recent bans did indeed happen, but were … Continue reading SWTOR: Bioware clarifies ban policy and stance on credit farming


Invasion Content Expansion To Go LiveOpen in a New Window

NCSoft has announced that the latest major content expansion for Aion will go live today, Wednesday, November 5th. Called “Invasion”, the patch will give players new zones and content to explore as the backstory behind Aion grows. In addition, a major PvP component has been added called “Panesterra”. New Zones. Kaldor, the ashen remains of … Continue reading Invasion Content Expansion To Go Live


Player Feedback Integral to Latest UpdateOpen in a New Window

Aion developers have listened to their community and today’s update is the first step in implementing feature adjustments and game improvements based on that feedback. First off the bat are the new “abbeys” where players who have not logged in for 30+ days can catch up on gear upgrades through a series of daily and … Continue reading Player Feedback Integral to Latest Update



In February, war raged between those happily in love and those proud to be single. The singles couldn’t stand the constant sweet nothings between the couples and the couples felt sorry for the singles and their desolate existence. Despite your valiant help, the conflict has not come to a conclusion and the battle continues… Bitter … Continue reading LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD PART 2
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