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APME is a professional network, a resource for helping editors improve their news coverage and newsroom operations. Our committees and annual conferences bring editors together to share ideas and discuss the future of the industry.

The organization is open. We encourage members - from major metros to the smallest of dailies, broadcast outlets, online operations and educators and students - to get involved and share their opinions.

Best of all, APME provides a platform for news managers to meet other news professionals. Connections made through APME can provide you with your own set of personal journalism contacts and many lifelong friendships.

Memberships are $150 a year, with $50 student memberships available.


The Associated Press Media Editors is offering an $800 lifetime membership. "APME is 100 percent focused right now on enhancing and adding to the benefits of being a member," said former APME President Brad Dennison. 

To take advantage of the $800 membership, please contact Sarah Nordgren at (212) 621-1766 or by email. Or click the Renew button on the right.

$25 off for each subsequent year paid in advance. For example, two-year membership paid in advance would be $275 instead of $300; three-year membership paid in advance would be $400 instead of $450.

Besides the $800 lifetime membership, APME is also offering other incentives to start or renew your membership, including:

$75 for associate members and retirees.

• True one-year membership from payment date instead of by calendar year.

Benefits of membership

• APME brings together news leaders from all sizes of publications and broadcast stations.

• The APME board of directors has dedicated seats for small newspapers, online and broadcast.

• Myriad programs, such as Sounding Board, help keep the lines of communication open with AP.

• News leaders can tap into AP resources on national projects, such as Broken Budgets and Aging America.

Thanks to our
Lifetime Members

Debra Adams Simmons
Cate Barron
Mary Kay Blake
Paul Carr
Kathleen Carroll
Araceli De Leon
Brad Dennison
Carl Earl
Shane Fitzgerald
Gary Graham
Bob Haiman
Teri Hayt
Bob Heisse
Jack Lail
Eric Newton
Karen Magnuson
Annette McGruder
Andrew Oppmann
Patrick Oster
Chris Quinn
Deanna J. Sands
Louise Seals
Laura Sellers-Earl
Jon Wolman

• Your newsroom can benefit from training that comes to you through NewsTrain and state APME organizations.

• APME is leading the First Amendment charge through its active committee work and with the help and resources of the AP.

• APME and APPM are at the forefront of the sports credentialing questions.

• Your organization can gain from Credibility Roundtables that offer research and insight into online issues nationwide.

• You can get great advice from the trenches.

Great Ideas program and the Innovator of the Month contest help to keep the ideas rolling all year long.

• For educators: Access to the newsroom and broadcast leaders who do the hiring.

• Weekly APME Update with news from around the industry and the AP.

APME News, the quarterly magazine that offers industry insight and guidance.

• The annual conference is held with Associated Press Photo Editors.

• Trade ideas and ask for advice from your peers at

Click here to join or here to renew a membership.

Associated Press Media Editors

APME is a professional network, a resource for helping editors and broadcasters improve their news coverage and newsroom operations.

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