October 25-26, 2019: Albuquerque NewsTrain, hosted by the University of New Mexico in conjunction with the New Mexico Press Association

March 27-28, 2020: Fresno NewsTrain, hosted by California State University, Fresno.

April 4, 2020Lincoln NewsTrain, hosted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

April 18, 2020: Austin NewsTrain, hosted by the Austin American-Statesman and GateHouse Media LLC

Sept. 25-26, 2020: Rochester NewsTrain, hosted by the Democrat and Chronicle

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Train in data, data viz, social, mobile and ethics at Albuquerque NewsTrain on Oct. 25-26, 2019

Albuquerque NewsTrain will offer a day and a half of digital training on Oct. 25 and 26, 2019, in conjunction with the New Mexico Press Association Convention and hosted by the University of New Mexico.

Training Sessions Include:

  • Getting your story read: maximizing and measuring social media for branding and audience engagement
  • Driving daily enterprise coverage with documents and data
  • Creating data visualizations to tell better stories
  • Mobile newsgathering: better storytelling with your smartphone
  • Turbocharge your reporting using online tools
  • Promoting ethics, trust and transparency in your daily work
  • Paradigm shifts in New Mexico journalism

Early-bird registration is $75 through Oct. 12; the rate increases to $85 on Oct. 13.

Members of the New Mexico Press Association (NMPA) should not register on this page. If your news organization is a member of NMPA, register for NewsTrain and the New Mexico Press Association Convention here.

For Albuquerque NewsTrain, competitive diversity scholarships are available for journalists, journalism students and journalism educators from diverse backgrounds; please see the information to the right for how to apply by Oct. 9.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Improve your writing on social media, establish your brand, encourage community engagement, and measure how well your social media efforts are working.
  • Use social media to locate diverse expert and “real people” sources, listen to your community and identify news stories, crowdsource using Google Forms and call-outs, and create a social dossier on a person in the news.
  • Use data and documents to bring an enterprising mindset to daily work.
  • Create simple data visualizations such as charts and maps.
  • Promote ethical behavior and transparency as a way to increase audience trust.
  • Stock your smartphone with the right apps to shoot better news photos, record interviews, dictate stories and create on-the-go images-with-text for social media.
  • Coordinate with other news organizations to create more powerful journalism.




The blue and green tracks on the agenda allow for smaller class sizes. All attendees receive the same instruction, just at different times.

Your accomplished trainers include:

Dana Amihere is the data editor at KPCC, a Los Angeles area NPR affiliate, where she leads the station's data visualization and digital storytelling efforts. Previously, she worked as an interactive editor at The Dallas Morning News, as a web developer for Pew Research Center’s digital team and as an interactive designer for The Baltimore Sun.@write_this_way

P. Kim Bui is the director of audience innovation at the Arizona Republic. She’s focused her career on leading real-time news initiatives and creating new storytelling forms for digital, print and broadcast companies catering to local, national and global audiences. Prior, she was editor-at-large for NowThis News, focusing on original, social reporting and breaking news. She was also deputy managing editor for, a digital media startup specializing in social journalism. She’s been a speaker, trainer and teacher on digital and social journalism at universities, conferences and gatherings worldwide. She writes a syndicated newsletter for emerging leaders and managers, The Middles: @kimbui

Sarah Gustavus is the mountain west region manager for the Solutions Journalism Network. She also currently manages the New Mexico Local News Fund, an organization founded in 2018 to support innovation and investment in local news across the state. Gustavus previously worked in public radio and television for nearly 15 years in New Mexico and Washington state. She was a 2017 national fellow with the Center for Reporting on Health and a 2011 immigration reporting fellow with the Institute for Justice and Journalism. She earned a master's degree from City University London and a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas at Austin. @sarahgustavus

Michael V. Marcotte is a professor of practice in journalism at the University of New Mexico. He teaches advanced reporting, supervises an internship program and founded New Mexico News Port, an online student news lab. Marcotte is a 2011 Stanford Knight Journalism Fellow, whose career included news management at KPBS in San Diego and KPLU (now KNKX) in Seattle-Tacoma. Marrcotte earned undergraduate and graduate degrees at University of Georgia. He currently serves as treasurer of the SPJ Rio Grande Chapter, sits on the CABQ Cable Franchise Board, and chairs the host committee for Albuquerque NewsTrain. @michvinmar


Train in data, video, social, mobile and verification at Lincoln NewsTrain on April 4, 2020

Join us for a full day of affordable digital training at Lincoln NewsTrain on April 4, 2020, at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Training Sessions Include:

  • Using social media as powerful reporting tools,
  • Storytelling on mobile: making smart choices,
  • Becoming a verification ninja,
  • Edit smarter video on your smartphone, and
  • Mining data for enterprise off any beat.

Early-bird registration is $75through March 4; the rate increases to $85 on March 5.

For Lincoln NewsTrain, competitive diversity scholarships are available for journalists, journalism students and journalism educators from diverse backgrounds; please see the information to the right for how to apply by Feb. 19.

Your Trainers

  • Geoff Roth, a self-described "#MobileJournalism evangelist," who built thefirst iPhone-based TV newsroom in the U.S.

Stay tuned please. We will be announcing soon additional accomplished journalists who will be your trainers for Lincoln NewsTrain.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Use social media to locate diverse expert and “real people” sources, listen to your community and identify news stories, crowdsource using Google Forms and call-outs, and create a social dossier on a person in the news.
  • Edit short news videos using an app on your smartphone,
  • Verify user-generated images and other content on social mediaon deadline,
  • Make smart choices among alternative ways to tell a story on mobile to get the maximum audience impact with the least expenditure of time, energy and effort.
  • Identify five ways to find relevant databases and formulate questions to identify stories in the data. Leave with at least one story idea using data that you can do now.




The blue and green tracks on the agenda allow for smaller class sizes. All attendees receive the same instruction, just at different times.


Register now for $75 for 1½ days of digital training at Fresno NewsTrain on March 27-28

NewsTrain is bringing affordable training in digital-journalism skills to Fresno on March 27-28. 

Register by Feb. 27 to get the early-bird rate of $75 for 1½ days of training in data, video, social, mobile, podcasting, analytics and verification.

Sessions at California State University, Fresno, will include:

  • So, you think you have an idea for a podcast?
  • Using social media as powerful reporting tools,
  • Storytelling on small screens: making smart choices for mobile audiences,
  • Becoming a verification ninja,
  • Shooting smarter video with your smartphone,
  • Mobile newsgathering: better reporting with your smartphone
  • Developing a data mindset to improve stories every day, and
  • Maximizing audience analytics to produce better journalism.

Experience NewsTrain’s highly rated training; attendees regularly judge sessions as 4.5, with 5 as highly useful and highly effective. Daily Camera reporter Katie Langford praised the “excellent training sessions” at the recent Denver NewsTrain. She tweeted that she “learned tangible skills that will expand and improve my reporting immediately.”

The early-bird rate of $75 includes two light meals. 

Journalists, journalism educators and journalism students from diverse backgrounds are invited to apply for competitive scholarships, which cover their registration, by Feb. 13.

#FresnoNewsTrain will be the site of the 96th NewsTrain, designed in collaboration with a host committee of local journalists. The host committee for Fresno is led by California State University, Fresno. 

Started by the nonprofit Associated Press Media Editors (APME) in 2003, NewsTrain has trained more than 7,500 journalists across the United States and Canada. APME merged with the American Society of News Editors to form the News Leaders Association in 2019.

Questions? Email Laura Sellers-Earl, NewsTrain project co-director. 


Mike Simons of The Tulsa World wins May Member Photo of the Month

The Associated Press Media Editors has honored this photograph as National Member Photo of the Month forMay 2019


Thanks to Matthew Fortner, Sylvia Jarrus, Brad Nettles, Lauren Petracca and Andrew Whitaker at The Post and Currier for judging this month. 


Here is what the judges had to say about the winning image:


There were so many good photos that the judges were split over favorites, but there was one that resonated with everyone. The image by Mike Simons might have a bit of lighter tenor for a flooding story, but the composition and moment come together nicely for an unexpected photograph.


Below is the link to all images entered forMayand the winner is slide 22.



Samantha Karnes and her son Anthony Pickett, 3, walk up to their neighbor's mobile home to check on him as floodwater from the Arkansas River approaches at the Riverside Mobile Home Park in Muskogee, Okla., Wednesday, May 22, 2019. (Mike Simons/Tulsa World via AP)

NewsTrain is coming to Austin, California, New York and Nebraska in 2020

For just $75, you can up your digital game with highly rated training at an APME NewsTrain workshop in California, New York or Nebraska in 2020.

Here are the locations and hosts for the workshops:

  • Fresno, California, hosted by California State University, Fresno;
  • Rochester, New York, hosted by the Democrat and Chronicle;
  • Austin, Texas, hosted by GateHouse Media LLC and the Austin American-Statesman; and

  • Lincoln, Nebraska, hosted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

To be notified when dates, agendas and trainers are set for these workshops, please provide an email at

The sites were selected from applications by committees of local journalists throughout the United States and Canada. These successful committees will conduct an assessment of the needs in their newsrooms to determine which skills will be taught at the workshops.

Since 2003, Associated Press Media Editors (APME) has sponsored NewsTrain in serving more than 7,600 journalists at 93 workshops. It will achieve its 100th workshop in 2020, having brought its cutting-edge training to all 50 states and three Canadian provinces.

The final fall 2019 NewsTrain will be:

  • Oct. 25-26 in Albuquerque, hosted by the University of New Mexico in conjunction with the New Mexico Press Association Convention.

Attendees consistently rate its interactive sessions as 4.5, with 5 as highly effective and highly useful. Instructors are accomplished journalists with both frontline and teaching experience.

To apply to be a NewsTrain site in 2021, email NewsTrain Project Co-director Laura Sellers-Earl to get an alert when applications open in early 2020 at

NewsTrain’s low tuition is made possible by donors, big and small, who have included The Associated Press, GateHouse Media LLC, APME past and present board members, and the APME, Newhouse and Gannett foundations.

To keep NewsTrain serving journalists in their communities, please donate at

Contact: Linda Austin,, or Laura Sellers-Earl,, NewsTrain project co-directors

Editors on call: Would you like some advice from an experienced newsroom leader?

APME has put together a list of on-call editors willing to offer you strategic and practical advice on nearly two dozen different topics, from ethics to legal issues, to digital best practices, to upfront story coaching and newsroom budgeting.

We don’t want to replace the conversations you have in your own newsrooms, but we can be a resource when no one else is around to ask, when you need a second opinion, when you wonder if there’s another way or if you just need help framing the right questions.

The members of APME bring decades of journalism experience to the table.

We’ve spent years helping each other cope with a fast-changing industry, learning to produce and showcase our best journalism on multiple platforms. We’ve become adept at adapting while remaining committed to our watchdog role, to reflecting our diverse communities in our newsrooms and to ethical truth telling.

Now we want to broaden the circle and help develop newsroom leaders from coast to coast to strengthen journalism for all. You don’t need to be a member of APME; we’re here to help everyone.

Give our list of editors a look and connect.

APME: Lead. Nurture. Innovate.

We foster newsroom leaders. We empower journalists to succeed. We cultivate ideas that work. 
The Associated Press Media Editors is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization of newsroom leaders and journalism educators that works closely with The Associated Press to promote journalism excellence. Anyone with senior responsibilities in an AP-affiliated organization, and any journalism educator or student media leader, is invited to join.
APME advances the principles and practices of responsible journalism. We support and mentor a diverse network of current and emerging newsroom leaders. We champion the First Amendment and promote freedom of information. We train journalists to realize their aspirations and thrive in a rapidly changing environment. We promote forward-looking ideas that benefit news organizations and the communities they serve. We work closely with the Associated Press, the largest independent media operation in the world.


The APME Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization established in 1988 to receive tax-exempt gifts to carry out educational projects for the advancement of newspaper journalism. Proceeds help support NewsTrain, a regional, low-cost training opportunity around the country and other practical education tools promoting the First Amendment, innovation and diversity in newsrooms.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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