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2009 NewsTrain Program in Phoenix

APME/NewsTrain in Phoenix

Full Program

May 1 - 2, 2009

Ethics - Where Do You Draw the Line?
As the news and business sides of most media organizations come closer together, journalists are faced with critical questions of how - and where - to draw the line. The key question is how far a news organization can go without compromising its basic charge. This session will include a discussion of sponsored columns, sponsored sections, links from text to advertising, stories about advertisers, the impact of news content online and the case for transparency.

Business Models That Work.
Advertising and readers have been drifting away from newspapers for years. How did newspapers lose them and can they get them back? This session will explore some of the new business models that are being tried in journalism and how successful they have been or might yet be. What will the newspapers of the future look like and how will they be funded? What steps need to be taken now?

Becoming a News Innovator
This session will cover the process of innovating, how to identify good ideas and how to successfully pursue them. The focus will be on how to think and act like an innovator -- skills that are increasingly critical both inside and outside the newsroom.

Re-Inventing Yourself
Almost every journalist these days is asking: "What's next?" This session will focus on the skills you need to be of the greatest value within your news organization and how to position yourself for a career outside your present news organization.

Reporting Business News (Including Your Own)
There is arguably no bigger news of late than economic news, but sorting out the bad news from the disastrous news can be tricky. It's even more difficult when your paper or news organization is part of the economic meltdown. This session will teach how to use basic business reporting tools to evaluate how a business is doing and offer tips on how to report responsibly and knowledgeably on what is happening to businesses like your own.

Alternative Distribution: Putting Feeds, Aggregation and Social Networking to Work
This session explains how journalists can use burgeoning alternative ways to share content with users and readers. Participants learn how newsrooms can use tools like social widgets, Twitter, You Tube, RSS feeds and newsletters to distribute news and information.

Leading in a Time of Change
Rapid change is difficult for many people. Learn how to cope and stay true to your values in a swiftly shifting environment. Learn strategies to help you lead your staff through difficult times, and motivate journalists to see the potential for doing great journalism in new ways.

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