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2007 APME contests FAQs
2007 APME contests FAQs

July 2, 2007

Some frequently asked questions about APME's Journalism Excellence Awards, and the answers:

Q: Does the 10-article limit include sidebars and editorials?

A: No. You may include editorials, short sidebars, explainer boxes, etc., in your entry as "supporting material" not subject to the 10-article limit. (But no 1,500-word sidebars, please.)

Q: You say you need five copies of the entry's cover letter. Do you also need five copies of the entry?

A: No.

Q: We don't have tear sheets. Can we send .PDFs of the page? (Or, can we cut and paste the articles onto 8½-by-11-inch sheets of paper and copy them?)

A: Yes.

Q: Can we submit the same entry for more than one award?

A: Each APME award recognizes unique aspects of outstanding journalism. We think if news organizations recognize those distinctions and follow the rules when preparing entries they will select the appropriate award category for each entry.

Q: Can we send our Convergence Award entry on a CD (or DVD)?

A: Yes. But remember the judges also want to see the interplay of the story between print and online so you need to send the print part of the entry, too.

Q: Our accounts payable office is in another city. (Or, we won't be able to run the check to pay our entry fees for a few days.) Is it OK to send the entry now with our check to follow?

A: Yes. Alternately, consider paying by credit card at

Q: The mailed brochure says the entry deadline is July 6, 2007, but the Web site says July 9, 2007. Which is the correct date?

A: If it is received at the APME office, by Monday, July 9, 2007, it will be accepted.

Q: Is July 9, 2007, also the deadline for the Innovator of the Year Award entries? How about nominations for the Robert G. McGruder Awards for Diversity Leadership?

A: Because the Innovator of the Year Award finalists will be judged directly at the annual APME conference in October, the entry deadline is later – Aug. 15, 2007. The McGruder Awards deadline is Aug. 24, 2007. We will remind you by e-mail as we approach those deadlines.

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