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Raise your digital IQ

JANE HIRT, Managing Editor, Chicago Tribune

APME NewsTrain / Chicagoland

March 26-27, 2010

Do you and your colleagues have the basic digital skills required in today’s newsroom? Ask yourself:

· Do you post stories yourself or wait for someone else to do it?

· Are you and your editors monitoring search trends to ensure that your coverage reflects what your local community is hearing and talking about now?

· Are you monitoring your channel, blogs and stories to see what’s popular and what’s receiving comments?

· Are you and your editors using what you see online to adjust story and photo assignments to reflect what’s attracting interest online?

· Are you and your newsroom enforcing SEO best practices by ensuring that every piece of content has smartly filled-out SEO fields?

· Do you understand what SEO is?

· Are you and your editors promoting your paper’s online work in print?

· Have you and your colleagues learned how to use Twitter and Facebook and understand each site's conventions, such as retweeting, hashtags, poking, fan pages and URL shortening?

· Are you and your colleagues relatively active on Facebook and Twitter? Are your bosses encouraging it?

· Are you promoting the fact that you are active on social networks by including your social networking names on e-mails, business cards and in print?

· Have you learned how to moderate comments, including how to post, delete or report a comment on your news organization’s web site?

· Are you paying attention to the site during major news events – like a snowstorm or football game – during off hours to make certain thing are getting updated or changed?

· Have you learned how to read metrics reports for you channel’s site traffic?

· Are you a champion of the web site for your department?

· Do you have a can-do attitude about working on the web, and are you trying new things to see what works?

· Are you thinking about how the news will play differently on a mobile site?

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