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Sunlight CAM
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The Sunlight Foundation is launching a Campaign Ad Monitor, online at to let citizens help report political ads they see in what is already the most expensive mid-term election in the nation's history.

Tracking political advertising in the wake of the Supreme Court's Citizen United ruling—which allows corporations and labor unions to spend unlimited amounts to elect or defeat federal, state and even local candidates—will be more challenging than ever. To help media organizations, civic groups, academics and others following the 2010 mid-term elections, the Sunlight Foundation is offering Sunlight Campaign Ad Monitor, or Sunlight CAM. Put one of Sunlight's banner ads or badges (available here; you can also design your own ad), and let your readers know that they can report on ads they see.

Using Sunlight CAM is easy. Readers enter their zip code, find the station (radio, television or cable) that ran the ad or add in a URL for ads seen on the Internet, enter some basic information—which politician was mentioned, what was said, was a sponsor named—and click submit. The information entered will be publicly available from our online database, allowing voters to help keep track of who's trying to influence their choices in the 2010 elections. It also gives local papers a great way to engage their online visitors.

All the data on Sunlight CAM is available for immediate download--reporters can see what ads are influencing or infuriating local voters.

Sunlight also wants to credit all those who participate--send an email to ballison@sunlightfoundation. com along with a logo, and we'll get you added to the partners page.

We'll be introducing widgets to display that data we get--stay tuned to for more details.

Bill Allison

Editorial Director

The Sunlight Foundation

Associated Press Media Editors

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