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NewsTrain Highlights
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Journalism educators Greg Pitts and Twange Kasoma check out a video they shot at the Murfreesboro, Tennessee, NewsTrain in 2016.

Below are links to complete agendas (PDFs) for recent NewsTrain workshops and comments shared by some who attended.


“All of the sessions were very direct and relevant. I feel like I’m going to use a lot of what I learned to do a better job and enjoy it more.”

Arianna Pickard, reporter, Tulsa World

Norman, Oklahoma, NewsTrain


“The overall experience was great, and I came out thinking I can definitely improve as a reporter with the new ideas given by the instructors.” 

Anthony Miller, morning reporter, KXII-TV, Sherman, Texas

Norman, Oklahoma, NewsTrain


“One of the best seminars I've ever attended."

Matt Adair, instructor of mass communication, Northwestern Oklahoma State University in Alva

Norman, Oklahoma, NewsTrain


“It was entertaining yet informative. The time flew by. Today was worth flying from New York!”

Amber Williams, staff writer/student, the University of Rochester Rival

Norman, Oklahoma, NewsTrain


“This is the best training program I've attended in 10 years."

Lynda Edwards, Knoxville News Sentinel reporter

Murfreesboro NewsTrain


“Keep this up! This is one of the best training opportunities available for professionals, faculty and students." 

Greg Pitts, director of the School of Journalism, Middle Tennessee State University

Murfreesboro NewsTrain


“There is no better value. A big 'thank you' to the sponsors that made this such a great value."

John McCommon, marketing and PR director, Jackson State Community College

Murfreesboro NewsTrain


“This is the best hands-on collection of practical sessions with knowledgeable ‘in-the-field’ instructors I’ve experienced.”

Kelly Shiers, Halifax Typographical Union reporter 

Halifax NewsTrain

"Really useful tips, no matter how small the newsroom."

Patricia Brooks Arenburg, Halifax Typographical Union reporter/editor

Halifax NewsTrain


"Great program. I loved how interactive this was and intimate the setting was."

Ameena Rasheed, community content specialist, The Des Moines Register

Lincoln NewsTrain


"Awesome information for a new news director in the broadcast field."

Kalin Krohe, news director/radio producer, KCOW-Double Q Country

Lincoln NewsTrain


On the session, "Video: Effective Shooting": "This seminar helped us realize you don¹t really need a lot of first-rate video equipment, but with a few minor inexpensive adaptations, we can use our smartphones and that¹s good enough equipment. It takes away some of the excuses when I go back to my staff and say this is what we need to do and they say we don¹t have the equipment. Well you know what? We do have the equipment.”

 Gerry Timbers, Managing Editor, Mississauga News
Toronto NewsTrain

"This workshop has given me a very brief, succinct, but important lesson in how these newsrooms are transitioning from print to digital and maybe using both mediums together to get more audience.”
Syed Rizvi, Producer, IRIS Media
Toronto NewsTrain

"I found it really valuable to actually have time to reflect on everything I’m doing because I’ve been so busy. The most valuable thing for me has been the beat mapping workshop because we’re just starting our own beats, experimentally, in the radio newsroom at the Miami Herald. It was good to start thinking about how I want to cover things."
Trina Sargalski, Producer/Reporter, WLRN
Miami NewsTrain

"All of my articles are in image galleries so it was really interesting to hear in Michael Roberts workshop that we need to really pick our character, focus on the story, tell the story in a very appropriate way and connect with emotions."
Ikira Di Lorenzo, Digital Producer, Telemundo
Miami NewsTrain

"There can be a large division between management and employees when it comes to making changes in your organization, but I’ve learned [in the managing change session] that you really need to listen to your employees and let them have a voice. Find someone they look up to, to help you implement change. As we all try to ride out the tough times, I’m going to make this part of the plan in my organization.”
Tom Arviso, Jr., CEO / Publisher, Navajo Times
Phoenix NewsTrain

"Learning about ‘impact stories’ really hit a nerve with me. Especially in the Hispanic community, we tend to focus just one what affects us – take immigration, for example – but these are stories that affect the community at-large as well. What can we teach viewers? I want to take a story with community impact and I want viewers to listen and learn. I want to make news that gets people in the community involved.”
Patricia Batres, Anchor/reporter, Telemundo Arizona
Phoenix NewsTrain

"The seminar came at an opportune time for our newsroom's progress. Just last week we began reworking our strategies for new media and breaking news. The six members of our management team who attended learned valuable points and concepts that will assist us in the decision process." 
Charles Zobell, Managing Editor, The Las Vegas Review-Journal
Salt Lake City NewsTrain

"We have struggled with staffers feeling hopeless and overwhelmed -- thinking there's no time to breathe or plan or organize because everything is always changing in a negative way. This (workshop) has encouraged me, and hopefully I can take back to my reporters that all is not lost. There are ways to deal with change and still grow as a staff and a newspaper. Thanks for the cheap admission! I never would have been able to attend otherwise."

Emilie Wheeler, City Editor, The Herald Journal
Salt Lake City NewsTrain


"As a first-time editor, I found NewsTrain's workshop incredibly helpful in learning how to successfully shepherd change in a volatile industry. Time well spent, I'd say."
Jeremiah Stettler, News Editor, The Salt Lake Tribune
Salt Lake City NewsTrain

"Coming from a small daily, this training offered a lot of bang for the buck. It's full of valuable ideas and tools that can be taken back to the newsroom and immediately be put to use. Brilliant discussion on use of social media."

Deb Sutton, Managing Editor, Gillette News Record
Salt Lake City NewsTrain

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