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APME conferences and presidents, from 1933 to today
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1933 - French Lick, Ind.: President Oliver Owen Kuhn, Washington Star
1934 - Chicago: President Oliver Owen Kuhn, Washington Star
1935 - Chicago: President Oliver Owen Kuhn, Washington Star
1936 - Chicago: President Oliver Owen Kuhn, Washington Star
1937 - New Orleans: President Roy A. Roberts, Kansas City Star
1938 - Cleveland: President Walter M. Harrison, Oklahoma City Times and Oklahoman
1939 - New York: President N.R. Howard, Cleveland News
1940 - Louisville: President C.G. Wellington, Kansas City Star
1941 - Chicago: President Neil H. Swanson, Baltimore Sun
1942 - No conference
1943 - Chicago: President Basil L. Walters, Minneapolis Star-Journal and Tribune
1944-5 - Miami: (held January 1946): President George W. Healy Jr., New Orleans Times-Picayune
1946 - Los Angeles: President W.R. Arnold, Milwaukee Journal
1947 - Detroit: President A.Y. Aronson, Louisville Times
1948 - Chicago: President Stanley P. Barnett, Cleveland Plain Dealer
1949 - Fort Worth, Texas: President William P. Steven, Minneapolis Tribune
1950 - Atlanta: President Lee Hills, Miami Herald
1951 - San Francisco: President L.R. Blanchard, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle
1952 - Boston: President Herbert F. Corn, Washington Star
1953 - Chicago: President Norman E. Isaacs, Louisville Times
1954 - Tampa, Fla.: President Wallace Lomoe, Milwaukee Journal
1955 - Colorado Springs: President Vincent S. Jones, Gannett Newspapers
1956 - Philadelphia: President V.M. Newton Jr., Tampa Tribune
1957 - New Orleans: President Frank Eyerly, Des Moines Register
1958 - French Lick, Ind.: President Coleman Harwell, Nashville Tennessean
1959 - Seattle: President Michael J. Ogden, Providence Journal-Bulletin
1960 - Williamsburg, Va.: President John H. Colburn, Richmond Times-Dispatch
1961 - Dallas: President J. Edward Murray, Arizona Republic
1962 - Minneapolis: President Ed Stone, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
1963 - Miami: President Mason Walsh, Phoenix Gazette
1964 - Phoenix: President Sam Ragan, Raleigh News & Observer and Times
1965 - Buffalo, N.Y.: President George Beebe, Miami Herald
1966 - San Diego: President William B. Dickinson, Philadelphia Bulletin
1967 - Chicago: President I. William Hill, Washington Star
1968 - Oklahoma City: President David N. Schutz, Redwood City Tribune
1969 - Hartford, Conn.: President Charles S. Rowe, Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star
1970 - Honolulu: President Gilbert P. Smith, Utica Observer-Dispatch
1971 - Philadelphia: President Don Carter, The Record (Hackensack, N.J.) and Macon (Ga.) Telegram & News
1972 - Kansas City: President Wendell C. Phillippi, Indianapolis News
1973 - Orlando, Fla.: President John C. Quinn, Gannett Newspapers, Rochester, N.Y.
1974 - Long Beach, Calif.: President Richard D. Smyser, Oak Ridge (Tenn.) Oak Ridger
1975 - Williamsburg, Va.: President Robert P. Clark, Louisville Courier-Journal and Times
1976 - New York: President Larry Jinks, Miami Herald
1977 - New Orleans: President John Leard, Richmond Times-Dispatch and News Leader
1978 - Portland, Ore.: Barclay Jameson, Santa Fe New Mexican
1979 - Tulsa, Okla.: Joseph W. Shoquist, Milwaukee Journal
1980 - Phoenix: President Ed Cony, Wall Street Journal
1981 - Toronto: President Larry Allison, Long Beach Independent and Press-Telegram
1982 - San Diego: President: Robert J. Haiman, St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times
1983 - Louisville, Ky.: President Joseph M. Ungaro, Westchester Rockland (N.Y.) Newspapers
1984 - Miami: President Ted M. Natt, Longview (Wash.) Daily News
1985 - San Francisco: President Michael J. Davies, Harford (Conn.) Courant
1986 - Cincinnati: President James F. Daubel, Fremont (Ohio) News-Messenger
1987 - Seattle: President Robert E. Rhodes, Corpus Christi (Texas) Caller Times
1988 - Boston: President Robert H. Giles, Detroit (Mich.) News
1989 - Des Moines, Iowa: President Paul Janensch, West Nyack (N.Y.) Journal-News
1990 - Dallas: President Gene Foreman, Philadelphia Inquirer
1991 - Detroit: President Ralph Langer, The Dallas Morning News
1992 - Honolulu: President Sue Reisinger, Miami Herald
1993 - Minneapolis: President Robert W. Ritter, Gannett News Service
1994 - Philadelphia: President Rich Archbold, Long Beach (Calif.) Press Telegram
1995 - Indianapolis: President Larry Beaupre, Cincinnati Enquirer
1996 - Denver: President Robert G. McGruder, Detroit Free Press
1997 - Atlanta: President David Hawpe, Louisville Courier Journal
1998 - Anaheim, Calif.: President Reid MacCluggage, The Day (New London, Conn.)
1999 - Memphis: President Pam Johnson, Arizona Republic
2000 - San Antonio: President Jerry Ceppos, San Jose Mercury News
2001 - Milwaukee: President Chris Peck, Spokesman Review, Spokane, Wash.
2002 - Baltimore: President Caesar Andrews, Detroit Free Press
2003 - Phoenix: President Ed Jones, The Free-Lance Star, Fredericksburg, Va.
2004 - Louisville: President Stuart Wilk, The Dallas Morning News
2005 - San Jose, Calif.: President Deanna Sands, Omaha (Neb.) World-Herald
2006 - New Orleans: President Suki Dardarian, Seattle Times
2007 - Washington, D.C.: President Karen Magnuson, Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, N.Y.
2008 - Las Vegas: President David Ledford, The News Journal, Wilmington, Del.
2009 - St. Louis: President Bobbie Jo Buel, Arizona Daily Star, Tucson
2010 - Poynter, St. Petersburg, Fla.: President Otis Sanford, The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tenn.
2011 - Denver: President Hollis Towns, Asbury Park (N.J.) Press
2012 - Nashville: President Bob Heisse, State Journal-Register, Springfield, Ill.
2013 - Indianapolis: President Brad Dennison, GateHouse Media Inc.
2014 - Chicago (first joint conference with ASNE): President Debra Adams Simmons, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer
2015 - Palo Alto, Calif.: President Alan D. Miller, The Columbus Dispatch
2016 - Philadelphia: President Laura Sellers, The Daily Astorian, Astoria, Oregon
2017 - Washington, D.C.: President Bill Church, GateHouse Media
2018 - Austin, Texas.: President Jim Simon, (voted to merge with ASNE)
2019 - New Orleans: President Angie Muhs, The State Journal-Register in Springfield, Illinois. (final APME president)

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