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APME Update, Dec. 18, 2014
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APME UPDATE – Dec. 18, 2014




Feb. 27 – Deadline for APME Journalism Excellence Awards

Oct. 16-18, 2015 – ASNE-APME conference at Stanford University.




APME was founded 81 years ago with a simple goal: Combine the forces of newspaper editors and The Associated Press to improve journalism.

That’s still our purpose, and even in these challenging times, we’re doing more than ever to fulfill our mission.

This is the time to take advantage of all APME has to offer:

  • We’re a resource for editors looking for good ideas, low-cost training opportunities or for someone to lend an ear over a beer.

  • Our signature program, NewsTrain, is headed into its 12th year stronger than ever. NewsTrain offers the biggest bang for your training dollars, and the curriculum is constantly updated with the latest digital tools and tailored to the needs of local news organizations.

  • We keep in touch with regular email APME Update newsletters and the top-rate quarterly APME News magazine. And we seek your ideas and opinions with the APME Sounding Board, an ongoing survey of editors that allows us all to share best practices.

  • Speaking of great ideas, APME scours the countryside each year in search of new ways to improve journalism, grow readership and increase revenue. The Great Ideas book, which now comes on a thumb drive, is popular in many newsrooms.

  • Membership provides you with discounts on fees for our annual contest and conference.

Before the holiday rush, please go to to become a member or donate to help our efforts for journalism excellence.


The 2014 Associated Press Media Editors Journalism Excellence Awards honor superior journalism and innovation among newspapers, radio, television and digital news sites in the United States and Canada.

The deadline for all entries is Friday, Feb. 27, 2015.

The awards seek to promote excellence by recognizing work that is innovative, well-written and incisively reported and has outstanding multimedia. A special award honors innovation by colleges and universities, and a new category recognizes news organizations that build strong ties to their communities.

All awards will be presented for journalism published or launched between Jan. 1, 2014, and Dec. 31, 2014.

Here are the changes to the 2014 awards:

-A new category – Community Engagement – has been added. This award will be given to news organizations that best demonstrate the ability to provide effective dialogue with their communities and/or seek partnerships that sustain the dialogue and encourages more community dialogue.

-The Tom Curley Sweepstakes for the First Amendment Award will be given to a news organization that is selected from all the entrants and is not a winner of an individual division category. Thus, a best of the best from all from the entrants will be chosen by judges.

-The International Perspective Award will have two circulation categories: up to of 59,999 average daily circulation, and 60,000 or more.

-News organizations can submit the same entry in only two categories.

Four of the awards categories will offer monetary prizes: the Innovator of the Year Award for newspapers, the Best of Show in the Public Service Awards and the Tom Curley Sweepstakes in the First Amendment Awards.

The entry fees are $75 per entry for APME members and $100 per entry for non-members.

The awards will be presented at the joint ASNE-APME Conference in October at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, and are linked on the APME website. The finalists of the newspaper Innovator of the Year will make presentations at the conference, and the winner will be selected by conference attendees.

Nominations are received online only.

The website is:

For more details, please go to the APME website:

For more information, contact Sally Jacobsen ( at The Associated Press at 212-621-1838 or Sue Price Johnson (sue.price.johnson@ at 919-846-2388.

Here are the categories:

45th Annual Public Service Awards

The APME Public Service Awards are given to Associated Press or Canadian Press member newspapers for meritorious service to the community, state or nation. From the three division winners, an overall winner will be chosen and receive $1,500, provided by the APME Foundation.

45th Annual First Amendment Award and Citations

The 2014 APME First Amendment Awards will be given to journalists or newspapers for work that advances freedom of information, makes good use of FOI principles or statutes, or significantly widens the scope of information available to the public. Other distinguished efforts will be honored with First Amendment citations. The Tom Curley Sweepstakes of $1,000 will be given to the entry that overall best exemplifies the spirit of the First Amendment. The sweepstakes winner will not be one of circulation category winners, but will be chosen as the best of all the entrants. The prize is sponsored by the APME Foundation.

Ninth Annual Innovator of the Year Award

The award recognizes innovation in print, online, management, structure or other areas that demonstrates a bold, creative effort to improve a news or information product and increase audience. Demonstrable success is required for the entry’s standing. The winner will be awarded $1,000. The sponsor is GateHouse Media.

The Al Neuharth Award for Innovation Journalism


This award recognizes groundbreaking work by a newspaper that creatively uses digital tools in the role of being a community’s watchdog. The winner in each circulation category will be awarded $2,500.

Fourth Annual Innovator of the Year awards for Television and Radio

The awards recognize innovation in television and radio that demonstrates bold, creative efforts to improve a news or information product and increase audience. Demonstrable success is required for the entry’s standing. An award will be given for the TV winner; another for the radio winner.

Fourth Annual Innovator of the Year Award for College Students

The award recognizes innovation by university students in print, online, management, structure or other area that demonstrates a bold, creative effort to improve a news or information product and increase audience. Demonstrable success could improve the entry’s standing.

NEW: Community Engagement Award

This award will be given to news organizations that best demonstrate the ability to provide effective dialogue with their communities and/or seek partnerships that sustain the dialogue and/or encourages more community dialogue.

Second Annual Best Mobile Platform

This award is presented to the news organization that produces or made significant improvements to a mobile (smartphone or tablet) application or platform in 2014, which most advances the state of the art in utility and engagement. The ideal entry will embody improvements in content, design, functionality and technology that set an example worthy of emulation by the industry.

Digital Storytelling Awards

The award recognizes Associated Press or Canadian Press member newspaper, television, radio and online partners for the effective use of digital storytelling.

International Perspective Awards

The 2014 APME International Perspective Awards will be given to Associated Press and Canadian Press member newspapers for outstanding coverage of international news for local readers.



ASNE, APME and the Associated Press Photo Managers will hold its 2015 joint conference at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. Save the dates: Friday, Oct. 16 - Sunday, Oct. 18.

The conference will start late Friday afternoon and continue until Sunday evening. While in the Silicon Valley, we’ll put extra emphasis on our digital future.


Our hotel, the Sheraton Palo Alto, at 625 El Camino Real, is a short walk from the Stanford University campus buildings where we’ll be meeting. We have a nightly rate of only $169.

We’ll build on the success we had at the first joint ASNE-APME conference in Chicago, and a committee representing both organizations already has started planning the 2015 conference, including programming and fundraising.


We’ll have more details soon on conference registration and booking a room.


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